• What is DownShift

    Positively impact your ability to respond to the stresses of daily life

    Mock-up of what DownShift could look like


    YOUR Daily Escape

    We all need a little bit of downshifting in our day-to-day life. DownShift will become your daily escape to unwind, destress and find balance in life.


    - Become more resilient to stress

    - Improve your productivity

    - Improve your overall wellbeing


    Through the beauty of relaxing images from around the world, DownShift will visually transport you away from to-do lists and meetings. At DownShift you will have the ability to focus on what matters most - YOU!

    Your Daily Escape

    Comprehensive Hydrotherapy Circuit

    Melt away stress, to-do lists & ailments through the simple beauty of hot and cold water, steam and relaxation.

    Hydrotherapy Circuit includes:

    • Hot tub
    • Sauna
    • Steam room
    • Cold water feature
    • Ice Fountain
    • Relaxation area

    Affordable & Accessible

    Membership : A la Carte : Convenient

    Monthly membership: 1 visit = 1.5 hours

    • 4 visits/month = $98
    • 8 visits/month = $175
    • Unlimited visits/month = $219

    A la Carte options:

    • Day Visit = $35
    • 5-visit = $140
    • 10-visit = $260
    • 20-visit = $490
    • Additional Hydrotherapy time

    Convenient and Accessible:

    DownShift will be available to fit into your schedule, as often as life necessitates - 1x/day, 2x/week, 3x/month - you decide!

  • We want your insight

    To ensure that we meet the needs of our future members (your needs) we've put together a brief survey to understand what you want out of your future urban hydrotherapy retreat - DownShift.


    Click 'Survey' to be directed to SurveyMonkey to complete the short survey

  • Your Daily Escape

    Explore the offerings of DownShift

    Rebalance your stress


    Restore through a circuit of hot and cold water offerings to find a sense of rejuvenation while improving your body, mind and spirit: immune system, pain management, blood flow, fatigue, anxiety, endurance and longevity

    Redefine your wellbeing


    Re-examine how you experience your life by meeting with a Health Consultant, Life Consultant or Nutritionist while improving your body, mind and spirit

    Reflect & Rediscover


    Reflect on your inner-self as often as needed, while finding a sense of mindfulness for your body, mind and spirit

  • Who We Are

    Driven by the desire to find a sense of calm in today's crazy world

    Kirsten Clerx

    Co-Founder & COO

    After living in Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland and Canada during her 20s, Kirsten found her way back to the US and was introduced the fantastic area of Boulder, Colorado. With a Masters in International Marketing and Management, Kirsten wants to use her experience in brand management, strategy and sales for a diabetes company to create and establish a place, where you can escape, while offering services that inspire people to take positive steps towards a happy and healthy future.

    Rob Clerx

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Born and raised in The Netherlands, with his teenage years and beyond in New Mexico, Colorado and Denmark, Rob too has enjoyed the ability to explore the beauty the world has to offer. With a Masters in Engineering Management and a strong passion for finding inner balance through yoga, meditation and life, Rob wants to use his technical and personal experience to create and establish a place where people can strive beyond work-life balance to find true life balance.

  • Support & Timing

    The why and when behind our community initiatives and process

    Support DownShift

    Become part of the DownShift revolution!

    It is time to start a DownShift revolution! At DownShift, we want to create a nationwide community of people eager to take the right steps in their wellness and their future. The DownShift community is already building and growing, and with the help of the Esprit Venture Challenge and the soon-to-come crowdfunding campaign we hope to expand the community as far as we can reach.


    All donations will go directly towards the build out of DownShift - Cause as you can imagine building out a space that incorporates a full hydrotherapy circuit in addition to the other offerings, adds up quickly. Your donation will help us establish the cornerstone to make DownShift a reality!


    Esprit Venture Challenge: Click here

    Crowdfunding Campaign: To be updated


    By supporting DownShift during the crowdfunding campaign, you will be able to purchase your first month of membership, locking in your first year membership rate and be recognized as a contributor to the first DownShift. In addition, your input, feedback and comments will help us grow and expand DownShift beyond Boulder, Colorado to your backyard.

    When is DownShift opening?

    Ready for your Daily Escape?

    The DownShift revolution will start in Boulder, Colorado. We have a few ideas for where to place the first DownShift but we need to ensure that we have sufficient funds available to make it a reality, without selling our soul to the banks. The more we raise, the less we need to loan and the quicker we can make DownShift a reality!


    Location is key! DownShift will be easily accessible to your office, your home and/or your favorite shopping location.



    - Fall/Winter 2017: Finalize Crowdfunding campaign

    - Winter 2017/2018: Secure funding

    - Fall/Winter 2017: Finalize location

    - Spring/Summer 2018: Open DownShift


    Once we have shown success in Boulder, Colorado will expand DownShift to meet our community across the US.

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